How to get a PhD in STEM by a black and a brown woman

The following PDF contains information regarding how to survive the application/interview process when trying to obtain a PhD placement in STEM, and includes information about the journey of two members of POC2 during their application process.

The particular obstacles faced by people of colour when applying for PhD programmes are also addressed – we feel like this guide is unique in the fact that it tailors the advice specifically to suit POC who are applying as it was written by two WOC.

The guide starts out with the background/privileges that these two members of POC2 (Pruthvi and Karel) have, the good and bad bits about their application process, and a step-by-step guide to making the application. This includes how to organise the paperwork involved, the official documents needed, how to write CVs and personal statements, and how to obtain the best references. Finally, it closes on how to manage offers and deal with rejections – vital for anyone applying. We hope you enjoy!

Download here:

Preview: Screenshots of the first two pages can be seen below. The entire document consists of nine pages total.

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