Highlighting the stories of people of colour in STEM

Welcome to POC2!

Who are we?

We are a social enterprise that works to instill systematic change in academia. POC2 is run by three women of colour physics graduates. We have a whole page dedicated to who we are in detail. See it here: About us

What do we do?

Our main goals are:

  • To get more BAME hopefuls into paying jobs in STEM. It should be stressed here that we mean all BAME hopefuls, not just the cishet-able-bodied-neurotypical ones. We live and die by our intersectionality.
  • To decolonising STEM curriculums.
  • To highlight the works of scientists of colour both today and throughout history.

Again, more details can be found on our “our story” page.

Blog 👩🏿‍💻

We are dedicated to writing about people of colour who have succeeded in STEM despite the obstacles they have faced. There are many interesting individuals, as well as amazing examples of science in communities across the world and throughout history, that we rarely hear about and are seldom featured in mainstream curriculums. Please see our blog for more information and to see what it coming soon.

Podcast 🎧🎙️

Yes we are Soundcloud rappers. Yes we have a podcast. In fact its been affectionately dubbed a left leaning, science ethics podcast. Made by scientists, for everyone.

Check out our podcast page for more information (or listen on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts or Spotify!).

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Comments? Questions? Found something you’d like us to write about? Feel free to contact on any of our social media or via our “contact us” page!

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