Highlighting the stories of people of colour in STEM


Hi everyone,

We will be moving back our activities again. 2021 has been extremely difficult and it hasn’t let up yet. The team is struggling with PhD issues, housing issues, work issues, bereavements and medical problems that have landed us in the hospital. As you can imagine this has been quite a lot, so we need to keep on fighting through it.

As always you can still contact us via our website.

In solidarity,

The POC2 team

Thanks to a grant from The Royal Astronomical Society we have been able to pay undergraduates and other early career researchers (masters students, PhD students and postdocs) from magnialised backgrounds to write for us! Please see our blog for their amazing work and see this page for more information on our next recruitment round.💖🌟🔭

Who are we? What do we do?

We are a social enterprise and activist group run by three women of colour physics graduates that works to instill systematic change in academia. Our golas are:

  • To get more BAME hopefuls into paying jobs in STEM. It should be stressed here that we mean all BAME hopefuls, not just the cishet-able-bodied-neurotypical ones. We live and die by our intersectionality.
  • To decolonise STEM curriculums.
  • To highlight the works of scientists of colour, both throughout history and today.

For more in-depth information please see our “our story” and ” “meet the team” pages.

Blog 👩🏿‍💻

We are dedicated to writing about people of colour who have succeeded in STEM despite the obstacles they have faced. There are many interesting individuals, as well as amazing examples of science in communities across the world and throughout history, that we rarely hear about and are seldom featured in mainstream curriculums. Below is a couple of our favourite posts but you can find them all on our blog!


Yes we are Soundcloud rappers. Yes we have a podcast. In fact its been affectionately dubbed a left leaning, science ethics podcast. Made by scientists, for everyone. Find it for 🆓 on our Podcast Page where links are available to Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Soundcloud.