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Synopsis: The POC2 Podcast is a monthly podcast hosted by Karel, Sehher and Pruthvi, three women of colour in STEM. It discusses the good, bad and the ugly of being a British born visible minority in a mathematical science, and it covers how this affected their experiences as university students and how it effects the work they do today. Now they are trying to make changes as PhD students in Physics.

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Downloads for all show notes + audio transcripts can be found below:Ā 

[1.01] Episode 1: Decolonising STEM: A Beginners Guide – Introduction [šŸ”“Live]

[Ep 1 – Show Notes] [Ep 1 – Transcript]

[1.02] Episode 2: Decolonising STEM: A Beginners Guide – BME Climb to PhD [šŸ”“Live]

[Ep 2 – Show Notes] [Ep2 – Transcript]

[1.03] Episode 3: Decolonising STEM: A Beginners Guide – Decolonising the STEM Curriculum [šŸ”“Live]

[Ep 3 – Show Notes] [Ep3 – Transcript]

[1.04] Episode 4: The Athena Swan Charter is Garbage [šŸ”“Live]

[Ep 4 – Show Notes] [Ep4 Transcript]

[1.05] Episode 5: Capitalism, Colonialism and Climate [šŸ”“Live]

[Ep 5 – Show Notes] [Ep5 Transcript]

[1.06] Episode 6: Medicine in glorious technicolour

[Show notes] [Audio Transcript]

[1.07] Episode 7: Bad Scicomm

[Show notes] [Audio Transcript]

[1.08] Epidode 8: How to hold a ethical debate

[Show notes] [Audio Transcript]

[1.09] Epidode 8: What even is a Professor?

[Show notes] [Audio Transcript]

[1.10] Episode 10: Conference Rundown

[Show notes] [Audio Transcript]

[2.01] Episode 11: This Job Lets You Travel the World!

[Show notes] [Audio Transcript]