Our Politics

Our Politics: We believe in true equality

The following is an explicit breakdown of the politics of those who run POC2. We were inspired to do this after a conference hosted by the Building an Anti Racist Classroom team (BARC can be found here). This page was last updated on 09/02/20 and we reserve the right to change this at any time.  We freely admit that we are always learning – especially in regard to maginalisations that we are not specifically a part of. (For example we are all cis-gender, heterosexual women and therefore it is given we are not in a position to pretend to know anything about being part of LGBT+ marginalised identities).

  • Anti racism
  • Anti colourism
  • Anti capitalist
  • Against ableism
  • Against transphobia
  • Against homophobia
  • Against biphobia / bi erasure
  • Against acephobia / ace erasure
  • Anti war
  • Pro recognising the even greater challenges POC within different marginalisations face (i.e. WOC, LGBT+ people of colour)
  • Pro LGBT+
  • Intersectional feminists
  • Pro socialism
  • Pro environmentalism
  • Pro choice
  • Pro supporting the disabled/neurodivergent
  • Pro social model of approaching those who are neurodivergent and/or disabled