Dr Marie Maynard Daly – Biochemist

“Courage is like — it’s a habitus, a habit, a virtue: you get it by courageous acts. It’s like you learn to swim by swimming. You learn courage by couraging.”

-Dr Marie Daly on the bravery required to push the frontiers of science and equality


Name: Marie Maynard Daly

Life: April 16th 1921 – October 28th 2003 (died aged 82)

Degrees: B.S. Queen’s College, Flushing, New York

M.S. New York University

P.h.D Columbia University

Occupation: Biochemist, first Black American woman in the United States to earn a P.h.D in chemistry


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How to get a PhD in STEM by a black and a brown woman

The following PDF contains information regarding how to survive the application/interview process when trying to obtain a PhD placement in STEM, and includes information about the journey of two members of POC2 during their application process. Continue reading “How to get a PhD in STEM by a black and a brown woman”

Dr. Jessie Isabelle Price – Veterinary Microbiologist

Dr. Jessie Isabelle Price

“I’m confident we’ll succeed.” – Dr. Price commenting on her work regarding the avian diseases that affected Pekin Ducks – for which she developed a vaccine as a result of her extremely effective research. [5]


Name: Dr. Jessie Isabelle Price

Life: 1st January 1930 – 12th November 2015 (85 years)

Born: Montrose, Pennsylvania

Died: Madison, Wisconsin


BSc Microbiology, 1953, Cornell University

MSc Veterinary Bacteriology, Pathology, and Parasitology, 1958, Cornell University

PhD Microbiology, 1959, Cornell University

Occupation: Veterinary Microbiologist, tenured researcher, Professor of Microbiology


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Dr. Jedidah Isler – Astrophysicist

“Science changed me, and allows me to make contributions to the world and everyone, regardless of their identity should have that right”. – Dr. Jedidah Isler, Black Holes, Blazars, and Women of Color in Science|Nat Geo Live, [9].


Dr. Jedidah C. Isler. Source: [2.1]

Name: Dr. Jedidah C. Isler

Born: Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States


BS Physics, Magna Cum Laude, Norfolk State University

MA Physics, Fisk University

MS Physics, Yale University

PhD in Astronomy, Yale University

Occupation: Researcher in Astrophysics, consultant on ethnic diversity in STEM – focusing on black women in physics.


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Dr. Zohra Aziza Baccouche – Nuclear Physicist

Dr. Zohra Aziza Baccouche

“Strength is acquired through endurance over time.” – Dr. Baccouche [8]


Dr. Baccouche. Source: [3]

Name: Dr. Zohra Aziza Baccouche

Life: Born 1976/1977 (42 or 43 years old at time of writing)

Born: Tunisia


BS Physics, Hampton University

MS Physics, College of William and Mary

PhD Theoretical Nuclear Physics, University of Maryland, College Park

Occupation: Nuclear Physicist, Filmmaker


Who is Dr. Zohra Aziza Baccouche?

Dr. Baccouche is a formally trained nuclear physicist, focusing primarily on theoretical nuclear physics. In addition to this she is a science media producer via her media production company: AZIZA Productions, which focuses on communicating science to the lay public through film and television.

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