Prof. Chien-Shiung Wu – Nuclear Researcher

Prof. Chien-Shiung Wu

“These were moments of exhilaration and ecstasy! A glimpse of this wonder can be the reward of a lifetime. Could it be that excitement and ennobling feelings like these have kept us scientists marching forward forever?” -Chien-Shiung Wu on her discovery of parity violation in the weak interaction



Professor Wu Source:

Name: Prof. Chien-Shiung Wu

Life: 31/05/1912 – 16/02/1997 (died aged 84) [1]


Physics (transferred from mathematics), National Central University (later renamed Nanjing University) [1][2]

Graduate level study at the Institute of Physics of the Academia Sinica [1][2]

Ph.D: Nuclear Physics, Berkley [1][2]

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Dr. Wanda Díaz-Merced – Sonification

Dr. Wanda Diaz-Merced

As a visually impaired scientist, I daydream about not being underestimated. ” – Dr. Wanda Diaz – Merced commenting on how science is not easily accessible to differently abled individuals.


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Dr. Wanda L Diaz Merced. Source:

Name: Dr. Wanda L Diaz Merced

Born: Gurabo, Puerto Rico

Occupation: Astronomer

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Dr. Sunita Williams – NASA Astronaut

Dr. Sunita Williams

“I think about leaving my home for another country — that seems more daring than the things I’ve done”. – Dr. Sunita Williams responding to questions on how she deals with the dangers of being an astronaut and comparing it to her parents experiences living as immigrants in America.



Dr. Sunita Williams in her Astronaut uniform. Source: [2]

Name: Dr. Sunita Lyn Williams (neé Pandya)

Life: 19/09/65 – Present (53 years)

Born: Euclid, Ohio, United States


BSc Physical Science, U.S. Naval Academy (1987)

MSci Engineering Management, Florida Institute of Technology (1995)

Honorary Doctorate, Gujarat Technological University (2013)

Occupation: NASA Astronaut, United States Navy Officer, Pilot, Engineer

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Dr. George Carruthers – Astronomical Engineer

Dr. George Carruthers

“I had no role models because nobody ever publicised them, not that they didn’t exist. George Washington Carver and Percy [Lavon] Julian and others had preceded me in science, but nobody ever publicised their accomplishments, and, therefore, many of the minority students didn’t know that they had a future in science because they figured it was something that was not for them.” – Dr. Carruthers on the lack of publicity POC scientists get for their achievements.


George Carruthers
Dr. Carruthers. Source:

Name: George Robert Carruthers

Life: 1/10/39 – Present 


B.Sc: Aeronautical Engineering, University of Illinois

M.Sc: Nuclear Engineering, University of Illinois

Ph.D: Aeronautical and astronomical engineering, University of Illinois

Occupation:  Inventor, Physicist and Space Scientist

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